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How to get to Victoria Harbour

Being centrally located within Hong Kong it is each to reach the harbour and anywhere on the shores of the harbour from just about anywhere else in HK.  Our harbour itself is often the means of transport connection with ferries still being an important means of transport within Hong Kong, even while tunnels have allowed trains and cars to take much of the passenger traffic around the harbour.

From the International Airport

Hong Kong's International Airport, often called "Chep Lap Kok" after the place it is located on the north shore of Lantau, is outside the city and outside even the widest definition of Victoria Harbour, but is easily reached all the same.

The Lantau Highway and the Airport Express line are the two major routes which run from the airport directly into the centre of the city and can take you either directly or via one connection to anywhere in the harbour.  Taking a private car, a pre-arranged hotel transfer, or a public taxi are the best ways to use the road system from the Airport.  There are Airport buses also though these are a little slower and of course much cheaper.

For those wanting the quickest and most direct way to the city the Airport Express trains cannot be beaten. Operated by the MTR company of Hong Kong it is a fast train direct from the airport stopping only three stops.  The total trip time all the way to Hong Kong Station is only 23 minutes.  And as the train platform at the Airport is actually inside the departure building on the same level as immigration and luggage, and the station at the terminus being under the International Finance Centre on the water front of the harbour on the Hong Kong Island north shore, right next to various transport interchange including ferry piers and MTR underground subway train stations. You can pay for the trip using the contactless stored value Octopus Card which is used for almost all public transport in HK.

From Tsim Sha Tsui

With the harbour embracing the tip of Kowloon Peninsular you are never far from the water when you are in Tsimshatsui, for the most part is walking distance and you simply need to head south or towards the nearby water.  The most common place to want to go to see and experience our harbour is of course the Star Ferry pier, Ocean Terminal and Tsimshatsui Promenade with it's Avenue of Stars.  All these adjoin and are walkable, though to walk from the end of Ocean Terminal in the far west through to the end of the TST promenade on the far east takes about an hour at casual sightseeing speeds.

From the Star Ferry pier take one of the commuter ferries across the harbour to Central or Wanchai and enjoy a 10 minute mini-cruise on our Harbour for just a few Hong Kong dollars!  It is by far the most economic way to get on the water and enjoy the sights of the city from it's heart, Victoria Harbour!