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Fireworks are of course a Chinese invention and here in Victoria Harbour we love fireworks as much as noodles!  Unfortunately due to safety concerns private individual are not allow to use them but there are plentiful shows arranged in and around the harbour that lets us enjoy the beautiful colours and very loud bangs of today's modern fireworks!

The shows have come a long way from traditional Chinese firecrackers but we haven't lost our appreciation of the "bang" as much as the sparks and colours.

Large public firework displays are organised twice a year, once for the Chinese Lunar New Year and once for the Chinese National Day celebrations.  These are large scale firework displays held right in the centre of Victoria Harbour, the fireworks themselves are launched from floating platforms or barges which are moored in the harbour itself so that the fireworks explode and display above the harbour itself.

Therefore there are great views of these fireworks display from anywhere that can see our harbour which means much of Hong Kong Island as well as Kowloon Peninsular.  The very best views are from the seafront on either side of the harbour and large crowds gather on TST side particularly on the Tsimshatsui Promenade but also on the various open spaces along the Hong Kong island north coast from Sheung Wan all the way along to Causeway Bay.

Another fireworks display is conducted every night by the Hong Kong Disneyland and though this is on a smaller scale it is also visible from parts of the harbour as the Disneyland in HK is right on the edge of the sea on Lantau Island, at Penny's Bay, and there are cruise boats which every night travel through these parts of the harbour so that visitors can take a distant view of those fireworks.

Finally there is also a daily display within the harbour call Symphony of Lights which is actually a light and laser show, with synchronized music, from the various buildings overlooking the harbour.  Actual fireworks have only occasionally been added in to the display on special occasions but the light show itself is of a similar nature and a great things to watch in an evening when the explosive fireworks are not scheduled.