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A Symphony of Lights

This synchronized light show by buildings around the Harbour, with lasers shooting out, lights flashing on buildings, and skyscrapers forming giant LED screens, is one of the greatest outdoor shows in the world, and it runs free every night!

The Guinness Book of World Records has recognized the Symphony of Lights as being the largest permanent outdoor light and sound show, and today runs daily as entertainment for the busy people of Hong Kong and for tourists from around the world who gather on the promenades, book pleasure boats to watch from the harbour itself, or best of all get a wonderful surprise as they walk back to their hotels from an evening out in the town.

On some special occasions the display has included additional special effects including fireworks shot off the buildings themselves, however this no longer is used regularly due to safety and budget concerns and today the show is purely done with pulsing lights and lasers.

Many of the buildings that border Hong Kong's Victoria Harbour are decorated with sophisticated lighting systems that run all the time, not merely illuminated highlights but synchronized and programmable combinations of LED, laser and other light sources that can be brought together into meaningful displays, often which are updated for seasonable events.

But during the Symphony of Lights show all these buildings combine as one giant display to surround the entire harbour with a breathtaking display.

There are no fees to watch the show, it's open air and in public for all to enjoy!

Starting at 8:00PM exactly each day the show runs for about 10 minutes with all the buildings synchronizing their displays to each other, and to the sound track.  But before and after many buildings are displaying their own special effects so you'll also see things continuing after that.

Music is broadcast from speakers along the Tsimshatsui waterfront, but can also be heard on the radio by turning to FM 103.4 MHz, or by dialing on your telephone to the number 35-665-665.